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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Memories of La Paz


Blogger Solenn said...

Hi Albane and Huw!!

Hope you're ok...no worries, at the moment, you still look good but be careful!! not too much wine (Albane, you know that!!)
Will you still be around South America in feb?? arriving 3rd in Cayenne and around 10th in Brasil... Hope to see you there!!


2:26 AM  
Blogger Ysella Collis said...

Dear Godpa and ma
Wot grate picksures you take. Dad sez the won wiv the smal boy at the windoe is fractal. that is maffs speek for somefink but i just think its a bwilleant foto. I spend lots of tyme stairin at the foto ewe gav mee of french phishing floats witch is hanging necst to my cot. I wak up at 5 eech morwning and i sing to my sizter very lowdlee. Dad joins in from necst door, or mayb he is tailing me to bee cwiet I am knot shore. He is very pleesed wiv himself at the mowment as he mite get given an oskar. Thats his eggscuse for not changing mi nappi vary ovten Mum sez. I think Alban loocks like a bootiful prinsess in her skurt. I hope ewe will bring it hom wiv ewe. I hav lernt to larf.I chortle to Arabella milla, my hairee caterpilla, and dreme of getting my furst reel pet!
Were ar ewe going necs? We luv reeding about yur jurnee. Lots of love YELGD (yur eva luving god dorter) Ysella

2:58 PM  

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