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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Colca Canyon

If Arequipa, Peru´s second biggest city, feels like it is in the middle of nowhere, Cabanaconde, perched on the rim of the Colca canyon, is truly the back of beyond. To get there, we took a bus (ex-Brazilian fleet) for 6 hours on a dirt track watching herds of wild vicunas (savage llamas), an empty train line and the occasional shack with stone corrals for the alpacas on which people´s existence is based in this wild region. The Colca canyon is the third deepest canyon in the world (so they say), but is more impressive for its vast pre-Inca terracing which was unknown to the outside world until 1931. We did the usual tourist things - watching condors soaring on morning thermals (though the people outnumbered the condors 50 to 1), soaking in hot springs and warming ourselves by a fire in the cold evening. We are now back in Arequipa to take a 10 hour bus to Cusco. The honeypot of Peru awaits.......


Blogger Ysella Collis said...

Dear snail-godparents
Fank you so much four cuming to Cornwal to c me and to bring my luverly luverly picksure of Breton fishing flotes. I stair at it every day since Dad put it up in my bedrum abuv my cot. Anna trys to luk at it two but I tell her that it iz my speshal picksure.
Fank u also for our lovely breton fishing awtfits. They are grate and I am eeting as fast as I can so I can fit into them.
Dad is in Los Anjeles at the moment so we r being kwite norty and r Mum is getting kwite ratty wiv us. She sez she hasnt got any uvver news as she spendz all day wipeing r botoms. Enjoy Cuzco. I hop ewe will take me there when I am older so pleez doent ever get propa jobs...
Lots of luv Zella xx

1:34 PM  
Blogger Job said...

Great trip Colca Canyon. I had my first lama meal in this place. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to your comments on Cuzco.


3:01 PM  

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